Aerification and Overseeding

The GCM crew has been busy these last few weeks, we completed our last greens aerification for the year, Overseeded fairways, and mulched the course. 

We were able to reach our goal of impacting 20% surface area for the year, with our last aerification.  We removed 13.09 cubic feet per 1000sq.ft, and 6.5 percent surface area affected. Our greens are healing in well, and should be ready for club championship.

The ryegrass started germinating last week and is coming right along.  We will put our first cut on fairways this Thursday to get ready for the weekend.  Thank you for your patience and remaining on the cart path.

We have raised our heights on all of our Warm season grasses going into winter. This will allow more leaf surface area to photosynthesize and produce carbohydrates for storage going into dormancy.



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Driving Range Tee update

The weather has been playing a factor in our sod installation. We are pushed back a few more days due to rain that the sod farm is receiving west of us.  Hopefully by mid week we will be able to start laying sod on the driving range tee. 

Thanks for your patience. 

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Ryegrass Transition

I have had several questions, as well as complaints over our Fairways the last couple of days.  Transition is always the hardest to understand. “We have had perfect fairways with rye since last September, Whats wrong with our Fairways now?” Ryegrass is a cool season grass, and with the Hot weather over the past couple of weeks we have seen the natural transition to bermuda grass. Some spots are more thin than others, and for several reasons; competition between the rye and bermuda grass, winterkill damage from 2014, heavy traffic(landing areas) will also result in weak areas of bermuda.   Over the next month we will be making weekly Fertilizer applications to help encourage the Vamont to fill in any thin spots and to prepare for overseeding again in 6 weeks. The heat of the summer is here and will greatly help our Bermuda fill back in.  

The Par 3’s were not overseeded, if you would like to compare to that of our fairways now and what our fairways were in the winter, that might help to solve any misunderstanding.



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Divot Night!

Thank you to all the members that came out for divot night this evening. Your support of the golf course is greatly appreciated, and will definitely be noticeable. If you were unable to attend, I challenge you to make the next one!   Thanks! GCM

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Fairway Conversion presentation

Spring is here and Summer is near, Our fairway conversion is just around the corner.  I had the opportunity to present our fairway conversion plan at the first quarter review on Tuesday night, and thank you to the members that were able to attend.  If you were unable to attend on Tuesday night, I have posted a link below of the presentation. If you have any questions regarding the fairway conversion, feel free to contact me at anytime.

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“What do you do on a golf course in the winter?”

I receive this question quite often from members, as well people who are not familiar with GCM.  So what do we do when mother nature blesses us with temperatures below freezing?

Some days we have to bite the bullet and put on an extra 3 pair of socks, but we also work on painting tee amenities, cart stakes, tee markers etc. this is also the time our mechanic goes through all of our equipment to grind reels, change bed knives, and make any necessary adjustments to make it through the upcoming season.  It’s also a great planning time for myself for the calendar year.

The GCM staff has been working hard to finish up a few smaller projects the last couple days. Below is a sneak peak of one of the additions coming soon.

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Tree Removal

The GCM staff these past few weeks have been working on raising tree canopies, as well as removing dead and unsightly trees. Our past greens committee meeting we decided to move 2 maples from the right of  #12 fairway.  We moved the two maples, as well as two crepe myrtles from the putting green bed over to #1.  We are going to replace the PG bed with an annual flower bed to bring more color onto the course this spring.  

I have had several questions regarding tree canopies on #13, #14, and #15. We raised these canopies to get more sunlight to the underlying rough, and to produce a better playing surface. If you have ever been in these areas, you can attest that they are usually weak areas. Our goal is to plant along #13 and #14 tree line and to have a more uniform hedge row that is not filled with vines and thorns, and will also provide a screen for the golf course.

We built and placed a new divot bottle holder in the tunnel that was needed, feel free to stop and refill when you make the turn!     


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