Cart Rule…..What Cart Rule?

What is the cart rule……….? Each day the golf course is evaluated, before play, to determine if carts will be allowed on the course or restricted to the path. The cart path rule can be used for many reasons, including the is course too wet or fertilizer has been applied and carts can burn the turf by crushing the fertilizer.  In any case, please stop by the Pro Shop before playing to be informed of today’s cart rule.  Also there are new 90 degrees and Carts on Paths signs  being made to hang on the #1 and #10 tee stations to remind everyone before playing.

The golf course maintenance staff and golfers are expected to follow good golf course etiquette by obeying the cart path rule and cart exit posts. Below is a photo where good golf course etiquette was not followed and resulted in scaring the golf course that will be noticeable until the bermuda becomes actively growing. We all need to be good stewards to the course and look to set good examples for others to follow.

Golf Cart Tracks inside Cart Exit Posts on a Carts on Path Rule Day

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  1. Tracy Biller says:

    Awesome job, Steffie. You and your crew and all that you are doing around the course is the best thing that’s happened to BYCC since I’ve been a member. And this blog web site that keeps us informed is truly top notch. Much thanks.

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