Cultural Practices – What does this really include? Part 2

Topdressing is a major component of an effective aerifcation and maintenance program.

  • Topdressing adds new sand to dilute and reduce the amount of organic matter
  • Todressing sand provides water/air channels through the green in the aerification holes

Typically there are two types of topdressing practices implemented

  • Infrequent heavy topdressing performed after aerifications
  • Frequent light topdressings or a dusting of sand throughout the year

Infrequent Heavy Topdressing

  • Primary purpose is to fill all holes and ensure a smoother putting surface after an aerification
  • Sand disappears approximately in 10-14 days during the growing season

Frequent Light Topdressing

  • Primary purpose is to maintain smooth playability, firmness and dilute organic matter
  • Sand disappears approximately in 1-3 days during the growing season
  • Light topdressing offers the least amount of disruption to golfers versus infrequent heavy amounts of topdressing sand

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