New Employee

Many of you may know, we sadly lost Mason last Tuesday. Mason was a great friend to all and a true family member of the club. He rested comfortably the days before and was loved by all. Mason is buried between #11 and #18 in the shade of a maple tree at the old shop site. He will be missed but not forgotten.

With Mason’s passing there was a void on the crew that everyone was missing, so later that week Cash was introduced. Cash, named for Johnny Cash Parkway, is a 7 week old white lab. Cash has brought new life to the crew and the atmosphere of the club. He has had many new friends, visitors, and volunteer babysitters.  You can find Cash normally with me or other crew members around the course as he learns the ways to pick up where Mason left off. His job responsibilities include mainly sleeping and eating right now. He has a rough life already with many loving hands and a work schedule of playing for 15 minutes and sleeping for 2 hours. Feel free to stop by and see him, like many already have.

Asleep on Judy's Desk


Garret and Cash


Cash Hard At Work

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