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Today we started our greens aerification but after completing the back 9 greens our new aerifier broke. The back 9 will be open tomorrow and front 9 closed. Parts for the aerifier are being overnighted so we can make the repair and complete this cultural practice Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. Ron Hibbard says:

    The collars still don’t seem to be coming in…to me it’s not just that there is not much grass but there is not a smooth trasition to the putting surface. Can the be leveled out somehow while we wait to see if grass will grow? As firm as the greens are this makes it difficult to hit in front of the green and roll up or if you miss the green you get some horrible bounces.
    Thanks for all you guys do the course conditions are really great with this one exception.

    • Steffie says:

      The answer to your question is yes. Next week we are beiginning one of many phases of topdressing and leveling the collars to transition into the greens. The reason we haven’t yet has been due to the lack of leaf tissue from the bermuda grass. If we had topdressed the collars with no leaf tissue the plant would not have been able to grow throught the sand and make food from photosythesis. Now that we have had some warm temperautres and the bermuda has started growing we can proceed with topdressing and the leaf tissue will grow through the sand and begin the leveling process. Thanks.

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