Bad Luck Strikes Again

Over the past two week the golf course maintenance staff has had a run of bad luck at the wrong time of the year. It all began two Wednesdays ago about 1:30pm when an irrigation line break occurred during temperatures around 95 plus. Unfortunately there were no operational isolation valves to shut off the water to that section of the golf course. The ending result was to turn off the pumpstation and all the water to the golf course and not have the ability to hand-water greens. During that 2 hour period we did suffer some heat stress on a few greens. If that wasn’t enough, Tuesday we had our sprayer pump to malfunction and apply different amounts of fertilizer out of the nozzles which caused streaking and burn marks on the greens where certain nozzles over applied. The sprayer pump is being rebuilt and now begins the healing on the greens.

Sprayer Pump Malfunction

On a positive note, our root system was strong when this bad luck happened and we have began to see new leaf blades emerge from these fertilizer burnt areas.  We are in regrow mode now and hopefully some cooler weather will come and allow these areas to continue to recover in a couple weeks.

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  1. Randy Leath says:


    Keep a stiff upper lip, you and your staff have made an incredable change to the course conditions at BYCC. This is a problem although it will soon go away and the course will recover. if there is anything that i can do to help pleaase do not hesitate to call.

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