Bluegrass Short Course

Bluegrass has always been a part of encouraging and supporting new golfers to grow the game so many of us love. Recently, the golf course maintenance staff reestablished the short course yardage markers for play. Originally Bluegrass installed an orange and green set of tee markers that start near the beginning of each fairway. Over time those markers were lost and buried under several inches of soil and bermuda grass. Now with a fresh coat of paint on the markers, new placements along the edges of the fairways, and a colored circle painted on the cart path edge the short course is alive and well. Special scorecards are available in the Proshop with yardages and short course information. The short course can be used by anyone that may be just learning to play or want to play a faster paced round of golf. We will now continue to edge the markers on a regular basis and encourage more people to come enjoy the game of golf.

Short Course Yardage Markers


Colored Circles on Cart Path to Indicate Short Course

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