Bridge Matting

The new bridge matting has been installed on walking bridges #5 and #6. This textured P.V.C surface reduces the risk of slipping by allowing moisture to flow through the matting.  Also the material will provide protection for the wood surface from traffic and extend the useful life of the bridge.

Bridge Matting

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2 Responses to Bridge Matting

  1. Dennis Zamberlan says:

    Where do you you get your bridge matting material and which is the most ideal way to attach it-glue or screws and washers?
    Thank you!
    Dennis Zamberlan

    • Steffie Safrit says:

      The bridge matting came from Easgle One Golf Products. There are several different colors and I found the easiest way to attach, has been roofing nails with the plastic washer on top. Normally you can find the nails with washers that are the same color as the matting to blend in. Hope this helps.

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