Better Billy Bunkers – BYCC #18

Throughout the past year we have had several conversations regarding bunker sand. The sand’s consistency, compaction, and color. Recently it was discussed how sand particle shapes and sizes effect the compaction of bunkers and how the newer bunkers vary from our older bunkers. The newer bunkers, with round sand particles, were too soft even though the same sand used as the old bunkers. The old bunkers have been contaminated with silt and clay over the years providing a firm, compacted surface.

Older Bunker - Contaminated and Washed Out

#18 was one set of bunkers recently renovated with newer sand. Last week we completed renovating these bunkers using a new method of construction and a USGA recommended bunker sand that consists of angular sand particles versus round particles.  The construction method used was the Better Billy Bunker system. This method constructs a bunker with no fabric liner that could be ripped or torn over the years, but instead uses a layer of gravel sprayed with a liquid polymer adhering the gravel together. The polymer is extremely strong not allowing any rocks to move and perking over 400 inches an hour.

Installing Rock Gravel Layer

Gravel Layer

The advantage of this system is water can freely move through the sand without causing washouts or silt contamination.  We have had a couple good rains since completing these bunkers and have not raked or push any sand, unlike our older bunkers. Another advantage with the system is it comes with a 10 year guarantee the gravel will remain intact. Reviews from members on the bunkers regarding consistency, firmness, and the bright white color have been thrilling. In this post are pictures and videos of the installation and procedures we performed to test the claims of the product. (which passed with flying colors)

Applying Polymer

Unfortunately we did have some chemical residue in the tank causing some foaming, but you can see from the beginning water moves straight through the gravel layer.

Completed Bunkers #18 - Better Billy Bunker

We are excited about these new bunkers and it was a pleasure to work with the Better Billy Bunker staff. Thank you to Jerry Lemons and Todd Jenkins for all their help including Reese and Adam. Already Bluegrass has seen and experienced the benefits from the construction method especcially reducing the bunker labor to maintain. Feel free to visit the Better Billy Bunker website or Facebook page for more information.


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