Is it February or May?

The recent warm weather has provoked shrubs and trees to think it’s May.  Typically this time of year, plants such as maples, redbuds, and forsythia are concentrating energy to forming buds for leafs and flowers while temperatures are still cold. We have noticed around the golf course many maple trees and other shrubs have buds breaking. We also have noticed bermudagrass breaking dormancy. Unfortunately as these plants begin to grow, a hard freeze can occur and the new emerging buds and leafs will be set back.

Bermudagrass Breaking Dormancy

Normally we apply preemerge herbicides in late February to mid March, but do to the warm weather trend, we will be applying the herbicides this coming week, 2/13. We are adjusting our schedule to ensure the chemical barrier is in place to prevent summer annual weeds, like crabgrass, from emerging.

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