Tree Bags

Over the past several months the staff has added over 200 trees and shurubs throughout the property. Some plant material has been concentrated in screening Galltin Road from the golf course and other plant material has been installed to reestablish the tree lines separating each hole. As the mature trees have gotten older, many have died or fallen from storms leaving open voids around the course.  Utilizing the Master Tree Plan created last year we have set priorties to follow over the next several years to continue a consistant reestablishment plan.

The staff has begun our first year of applying fertilizers to feed the mature and new trees for increased health and the ability to grow stronger. Our recent goal has been to supply the neccessary water to establish a root system on the new planted trees. By adding tree bags we provide a slow steady supply of water to keep the trees hydrated that we fill a couple times a week.

Tree Bags

Watering the tree bags typically takes one crew member about half a day by using an old sprayer trailer converted to a water tank. The water tank hasn’t been operational for over 5 years and abandoned in the back of the shop. Now the tank has been restored and makes a perfect piece of equipment to provide water for the trees.


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