Bunker Renovations

Chipping Green Bunker

Tuesday we began the renovation of the Chipping Green Bunker at the short game facility. Recently a couple of boulders were found under the surface of the bunker measuring up to 6 feet across. Unable to remove these rocks, 2 1/2 feet of clay soil was used to raise the bunker floor above the rocks and establish a new subsurface. This procedure was beneficial, not only to solve the boulder issue, but also make this practice bunker more characteristic of the bunkers on the course. The on course bunkers are not deep bunkers, as the chipping green bunker was. The new chipping green bunker allows members the ability to now see over the bunker face and watch the ball as it rolls out.

Chipping Green Bunker

Chipping Green Bunker Drainage

New drainage has been installed and we are scheduled to have the Better Billy Bunker Company out on Monday, weather permitting, to spray the installed gravel layer and add the new sand on Tuesday.  This bunker will be the same as the bunkers on #18 we previously did this year.

Chipping Green Bunker Gravel Layer

#3 Bunkers

During the renovation of the Chipping Green Bunker, we took the opportunity to also renovate the two bunkers on #3. Similar to the chipping green bunker, the right side bunker needed 1 foot of clay soil to raise the subsurface of the bunker and allow the green to be more visible while playing a shot. These bunkers are also on schedule with Better Billy Bunker Company to spray on Monday.

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