No Mow Areas

One new look coming this year on the golf course are the establishment of No Mow Areas. These various areas around the golf course are sections that are basically out of play and will benefit the aesthetics of the parkland style course and the golf course maintenance staff in efficiency.

Part of the Audubon Certification process is enhancing the environment and minimizing the environmental impact we make on the land. By eliminating these No Mow Areas from daily maintenance we can reduce cost/time, environmental disruption, and promote a habitat that will benefit the surroundings.

The No Mow Areas will still be maintained, but on a weekly to monthly basis versus a daily basis. The goal is to establish a natural area that will be maintained with minimum maintenance, but yet offer a new look to the course restoring the original parkland style.  We have selected a few trail areas on #9 tee, between #3/#4 greens, and between #12 green/#13 tee.  With some success, during the fall we will begin adding fescues and other grasses into these areas to complete native look. There are roughly 7 acres on the property that have been identified as potential candidates, but we will begin with a few areas as a trial run to start.

Below are aerial pictures of the outlined areas where the beginning phases of No Mow Areas will begin.

#12 Green/#13 Tee

#12 Green/#13 Tee

#9 Tee

#9 Tee Complex

# Green/#4 Tee

# Green/#4 Tee

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