Bunker Maintenance

Since the renovation of the bunkers last year to the Better Billy Bunkers the GCM staff has been experimenting with different types of daily maintenance operations to provide constant playable bunkers. Over the last month we have found our new technique. Prior to this technique, some bunkers would tend to dry faster than others and cause a softer playing surface and with this new management style we are hearing nothing but praises with the bunkers.  To begin the process the staff reestablished a 4″ sand depth level throughout each bunker and compacted the faces with a plate tamp. Secondly, during daily raking maintenance, the staff only rakes the lower flat portion of the bunkers. The high faces and edges are now rolled daily which decreases the amount of sand that is turned over each day and allows the sand to stay wetter and compacted versus constantly turning the sand over from raking. Now balls are consistently hitting in the bunkers faces and rolling down to the lower raked portion of the bunkers.

Rolled/Raked Bunkers

Rolled/Raked Bunkers

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  1. Billy Henry says:

    Great Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you and your staff………….Billy

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