No Mow Area Survey

In the next day or two, all golf members at Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club will be receiving a No Mow Area Survey from myself to have a better understanding of how to proceed with these areas.

There have been many positives and negatives concerning these areas plus many misunderstandings of how these areas were developed and intended. Below are the answers to a few questions I have commonly heard.

  • The evolution of these areas were extensively researched through GPS mapping and course ride arounds to establish areas that are not typically in play
  • The current no mow grass type was a test to ensure these areas were not in play before allocating resources and labor to establish the final product in the desired time frame
  • The final product is planned to eliminate the current Bermuda grass and establish an aesthetically, less penalizing turf type
  • The final no mow areas are developed to better outline the intended routing of the golf course and eliminate several hours of mowing
  • Ultimately the No Mow Areas are intended to save on costs, provide a playable yet less desirable lie, and add more distinction to the course


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2 Responses to No Mow Area Survey

  1. Tom Denham says:

    I thought the no mow areas added an attractive and natural look to the course. I never landed a ball in the no mow area so I don’t have a feel for how punishing it might be. But my vote is to let the no mow grow.

  2. randy marshall says:

    I like it’

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