Raising Mowing Heights for Winter

Every year we anticipate having a cold winter which could possibly devastate warm seasons grasses like bermuda grass. To protect our grasses, all bermuda grass height of cuts have been raised to allow more carbohydrates be stored for the winter. Our staff began the first cut of higher heights this week and look to continue at these heights until the beginning of 2014. This cultural practice we have used for the past several years with minimal winter injury from cold temperatures.

These efforts are also to increase the amount of leaf tissue to try to negate the effects of the Vamont Bermuda dropping its leaves late into the winter providing a less than desirable playing condition.

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2 Responses to Raising Mowing Heights for Winter

  1. Johnny Moore says:

    Great the best thing we did several years age is not overseeding

  2. Randy Leath says:

    That is southern engineering at its finest.

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