No Mow – Update

Last week the GCM staff began the first step in enhancing the no mow areas around the course. To begin, the chipping green area, #9 tee, and #5 tee no mow areas were sprayed with round up and tilled with soil amendments to provide good nutrition for the new seedlings.  These tilled areas have been seeded with fescue and will be planted again in the summer season with broom sedge. Other no mow areas around the course will be on hold until the fescue seeded areas become a success and achieve the desired look.  With a successful planting we will look to seeding all the other no mow areas in the fall of 2014. Optimum planting season is the fall and trying to establish seed in the spring with limited irrigation will be disappointing and introduce unwanted weeds that will produce difficult weeds to eliminate.

Tilling No Mow Areas

Tilling No Mow Areas

Tilled, Seeded, and Ready for Water

Tilled, Seeded, and Ready for Water

Existing no mow areas, not being converted yet, will continue to be maintained as bermuda grass although maintenance practices will differ from this year. The areas at #9 tee/#3 fairway will be reduced to be further away from play and #3 green/#4 green will be eliminated.  The bermuda no mows will be maintained on a more frequent basis and at a lower height. We will continue to adapt these no mows until the goal of having fescue no mows throughout the course is achieved.

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2 Responses to No Mow – Update

  1. Billy Henry says:

    Great job on the course !!!!!!!! Billy

  2. ANDY ANDERSON says:

    i do like the no mow areas. they add a little extra visual interest to the course. i would like to see some wild flowers or perennials added to these areas.

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