Bunker Maintenace

The Better Billy Bunkers have performed great this year with very little maintenance required by our staff. One maintenance practice we do 1-2 times a year is packing the faces of the bunkers. This year the bunker faces were rolled versus raking, providing a hard surface for golf balls to hit and directing roll down into the raked sand at the bottom of the bunker. To continue this playability we are using a vibratory tamp to set the sand up for the winter when the irrigation system is shut down and the use of irrigation water cannot be utilized to aid in keeping the bunker faces compacted.

Compacting Bunker Faces

Compacting Bunker Faces

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  1. Mike Hedge says:

    Nice job on the bunkers this year…does shutting down the irrigation system mean you will be able to fix the leak behind 8 tee box?

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