Leaf Season is Coming to an End

This years leaf season has been a busy one, but a short one. We frequently had several storms to come through this fall removing a lot of leaves at one time making it a big inconvenience to make the course playable. The staff has worked hard to remove as many leaves as possible at one time and luckily we are now coming to an end for the year. Roughly 95% of all the leaves are on the ground and blew off the course or mulched into little pieces.

Mulching Leaves

Mulching Leaves

With the leaf season behind us we will now begin concentrating on our winter projects.  To list a few for this year includes: raising the tree canopies in the tree lines, creating a shoe cleaner station with air hoses for golfers finishing their round, painting tee markers/ballwashers/water coolers/cart exit posts/tee signage and creating a new Out of Bounds stake perimeter with more durable materials.

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  1. ANDY ANDERSON says:

    it seems that the “return to cart” markers around the greens are set quite a distance from the greens. what is the reason they are so far out into the fairway?

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