Winter Weeds Cleanup

Every year it has been a constant battle trying to eradicate the left over Poa annua and ryegrass on the course from overseeding for 35 years. This year we are close to achieving that goal of 100% clean of winter weeds. So far this year very minimal winter weeds have germinated and at this time we invested in a more valuable chemical to attack the rogue weeds. Using the same chemical mode of actions year in and year out to attack weeds sometimes leads to resistance, just as humans develop resistance to medications when continually used. This new mode of action should finally give us the final kill we have been looking for and begin developing healthier turf with the less competition for water, sunlight, and nutrients from the weeds.

Spraying for Winter Weeds

Spraying for Winter Weeds

Our staff will continue to rotate the chemical mode of actions every other year to ensure any new emerging weeds do not develop resistance for the years to come.


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