March 24th Aerification

The golfing season is just around the corner and the time for spring fertilizers, herbicides, and aerifications are on the horzion. Our first aerification is schduled for March 24th, a one day aerification with a smaller tine. When temperatures warm we are able to utlize a larger tine when growing conditons heal faster.

This first aerification will have a two part system to it, unlike the previous years. On March 17th, the Monday prior to our aerification, an outside compnay will be coming in to do a deep tine aerification on the greens. A deep tine aerification is a solid tine aerification (not pulling a core and no sand) with a 12″ tine versus our standard 3-5″ length tines. These deep tines prenetrate through the entire mix of the green breaking tension in the soil and allowing water to pass all through the green freely. This process is typically performed yearly after greens reach a certain maturyity level and helps prolong the life of a green. The deep tine aerification is a minium disruptive procedure and will not be noticeable after the March 24th aerification. The tine spacing or aera between each hole is 3″x 3″ where normal aerifiations are 1″ or less. The aerifier also has a roller attached on the back which will roll the surface smooth after the aerification ready for play.

Deep Tine Aerification Holes

Deep Tine Aerification Holes

Deep Tine Aerifier

Deep Tine Aerifier

 The 2014 Aerification is as follows:

May 5th/6th

September 15th/16th

*These two day aerifications are the same as always. Given good weather and the process is completed, we reopen the course on the second day around noon.




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  1. Chris Maynord says:

    Has any group in the State worked to obtain TN approval for a nematode control chemical as is available in a select few other states?

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