Fescue Renovation

The GCM staff has been working on areas in rough that were either winter kill areas or areas in fescue that were common bermuda. Our plan is to convert these areas to Fescue and make a monostand and more consistent rough. Until these areas are 100%, please play the roped off areas as ground under repair.  A big thanks to Ryan Moriarity for use of his Rototiller. Thank you for your cooperation.  


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3 Responses to Fescue Renovation

  1. Mike Hedge says:

    I think that is great…your doing a good job of getting all you can out of your budget!

  2. Mike Hedge says:

    By the way, do we have ball washer replacement cost in your budget for next year…many are broken and/or damaged?

  3. Tyler Ingram says:

    Mr. Hedge,
    Thank you sir, I will try to address this in the coming weeks.

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