Tree Removal

The GCM staff these past few weeks have been working on raising tree canopies, as well as removing dead and unsightly trees. Our past greens committee meeting we decided to move 2 maples from the right of  #12 fairway.  We moved the two maples, as well as two crepe myrtles from the putting green bed over to #1.  We are going to replace the PG bed with an annual flower bed to bring more color onto the course this spring.  

I have had several questions regarding tree canopies on #13, #14, and #15. We raised these canopies to get more sunlight to the underlying rough, and to produce a better playing surface. If you have ever been in these areas, you can attest that they are usually weak areas. Our goal is to plant along #13 and #14 tree line and to have a more uniform hedge row that is not filled with vines and thorns, and will also provide a screen for the golf course.

We built and placed a new divot bottle holder in the tunnel that was needed, feel free to stop and refill when you make the turn!     


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8 Responses to Tree Removal

  1. ANDY ANDERSON says:

    Glad to see that you are going to plant more flower beds. i have always thought that we needed more color around the course. Golf , to me, is a visual sport and course ambiance is as important as play ability. I appreciate you looking for the small things that improve the experience.

    • Tyler Ingram says:

      Thanks Mr. Anderson, we have a few more projects coming up along those same lines this spring that we are going to tackle as well.

  2. Bennett says:

    Looks good…while you are at it how about removing the Maple on the right hand side of number 15? The fairway slopes to the right and as that tree grows it will block all shots to the green.

    • Tyler Ingram says:

      Mr. Hodges,
      I appreciate your feedback. I will take a look at number #15 in the morning, and will get back with you.

  3. Mike Hedge says:

    Nice improvements Tyler…paying attention to the little things when time permits to improve the quality of play as well as the eye appeal is well worth the time an effort…as an active golf member I sincerely appreciate you and your teams hard work!


  4. Tyler Ingram says:

    Thanks Mr. Hedge, feedback is always good!

  5. Jimmy Pierce says:

    Great work GCM team!

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