Ryegrass Transition

I have had several questions, as well as complaints over our Fairways the last couple of days.  Transition is always the hardest to understand. “We have had perfect fairways with rye since last September, Whats wrong with our Fairways now?” Ryegrass is a cool season grass, and with the Hot weather over the past couple of weeks we have seen the natural transition to bermuda grass. Some spots are more thin than others, and for several reasons; competition between the rye and bermuda grass, winterkill damage from 2014, heavy traffic(landing areas) will also result in weak areas of bermuda.   Over the next month we will be making weekly Fertilizer applications to help encourage the Vamont to fill in any thin spots and to prepare for overseeding again in 6 weeks. The heat of the summer is here and will greatly help our Bermuda fill back in.  

The Par 3’s were not overseeded, if you would like to compare to that of our fairways now and what our fairways were in the winter, that might help to solve any misunderstanding.



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  1. Mike Fussell says:

    Thanks for the message; I’m no expert and even I knew this; sorry you had to take your valuable time to send this. On a positive note, the pilot Bermuda on 12 fairway looks great; maybe you’ve got the answer you were looking for after all

  2. Chris Maynord says:

    We can be disappointed with the fairway transition, but we should not be surprised. As long as we are overseeding, we will have something of a crappy transition. It may be more or less, depending on the winter. We will never know what we will get until we uncover the overseed from winter’s effect. It may be a relevant question as to what effect the heavy overseed(500 lbs. an acre, instead of the 150-200 we formerly did) had on the Bermuda(?).

  3. Mike Hedge says:

    nice communication post…

  4. Rick Slough says:

    On a side note the front of the club looks the best I have ever seen. The hydrangeas are beautiful. Good job.

  5. John Thomas says:

    Thanks for the communication Tyler and the hard work from you and your staff. You all do a great job.

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