Aerification and Overseeding

The GCM crew has been busy these last few weeks, we completed our last greens aerification for the year, Overseeded fairways, and mulched the course. 

We were able to reach our goal of impacting 20% surface area for the year, with our last aerification.  We removed 13.09 cubic feet per 1000sq.ft, and 6.5 percent surface area affected. Our greens are healing in well, and should be ready for club championship.

The ryegrass started germinating last week and is coming right along.  We will put our first cut on fairways this Thursday to get ready for the weekend.  Thank you for your patience and remaining on the cart path.

We have raised our heights on all of our Warm season grasses going into winter. This will allow more leaf surface area to photosynthesize and produce carbohydrates for storage going into dormancy.



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