April Update.


A few quick updates on the golf course. Deep tine and core aerification have come and gone and we are healing in well.

One of the key functions of core aeration is the physical removal of organic matter and the replacement of this material with sand. For a complete discussion of the role of aeration and its importance as a cultural tool in a putting green management program, refer to the article, http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/imported/030301.pdf

The GCM staff has been working on a few projects on the golf course as well as normal routine maintenance the past couple of weeks. Below is a list that is finished or in progress:

stump removal and back filling

25 tons of sand added to bunkers

sod work around #14 pond covering liner

sod work around heavy/traffic areas on golf course

#10 pond dredging.

Upcoming events:

2nd week of April: collar work

3rd week of April: fescue/419 sod work, wrapping up pond dredging

last week of April: Mulch & pinestraw continuing into first of May.

Next time you are in the proshop check out the new superintendent message on the counter. You can find that day’s pin location, cart rule, weather, daily projects, and what is being mowed out for the day.

If you have any questions regarding the golf course feel free to stop me anytime.

Thanks GCM





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3 Responses to April Update.

  1. Mike Hedge says:

    Thanks for the communication!

  2. Rick Slough says:

    Tyler, what is the time frame for completion of the ten pond project?

    • Tyler Ingram says:

      We are trying to wrap up in the next two weeks as far as dredging. We still have some material left to remove. The rain has been slowing us down, but if we can stay dry over the next few days we can get the rest of the material out.

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