Bermuda grass Transition


It’s that time of the year to say goodbye to the rye. The temperatures have changed and are in favor of the Bermuda grass now. We will begin transitioning out the Ryegrass and begin encouraging the Bermuda fairways.

Ryegrass is a cool season grass, therefore will not survive our summer temperatures maintained at fairway height, and become more susceptible to disease when the plant is under stress during the summer months.

Bermudagrass and ryegrass are in competition for water, sunlight, and nutrients in early spring when the ryegrass is at its peak and the Bermuda is breaking dormancy.  Bermuda grass recovery is significantly delayed by this and in turn leaves a thin Bermuda canopy during transition in heavy traffic or shaded area and sometimes leading to turf loss.

The GCM staff over the next couple of weeks will be out promoting Bermuda grass growth and recovery  in fairways with cultural practices, so please be patient during this transition period.

If you have any questions regarding overseeding, fairways, or the golf course in general, feel free to stop me anytime .




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2 Responses to Bermuda grass Transition

  1. Mike Hedge says:

    Good luck with the Bermuda grass transition…thanks for the update!


  2. Kurt Crenshaw says:

    The three or four weeks of transition will be a small price to pay for lush fairways the last 6 months.

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