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Spring is Coming and Blooms are in the Air

Here is just a few of the blooming plant material around the property.

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Finally a Break

Warm temperatures have triggered plants like forsythia plants, dogwoods trees, red bud trees, and cherry trees to bloom. These blooms are great indicators that spring is in the air.  These blooms are also natural indicators for golf course superintendents that … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland – Cold Is Here!!!

BBBRRRRRR!!! Its cold. With recent drops in temperature, bentgrass growth has seized to exist.  As temperatures warm to around 50F bentgrass will slowly become active again and we will resume applying fertilizers and implementing our regular mowing schedules on the greens. Until that … Continue reading

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Welcome to Bluegrass Golf Course Maintenance

Welcome to the official Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club Golf Course Maintenance web site. This site is dedicated to providing up to date information in aspects of golf course maintenance involving Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club’s golf course. Our staff … Continue reading

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