Bentgrass Growing Season is Upon Us

With the recent warmer temperatures everything has had a flush of growth, including the greens. The recovery period from our recent aerification in March was only approximately 10 days.  Since that time, we have been constantly trying to thin out the turf canopies and return the green speeds back to normal. The most recent stimpmeter reading was 11 and rolling true. To get to this point we used many different techniques in our arsenal including frequency of mowing, chemical applications, and verticutting. Verticutting has been our best method for thinning the turf canopy and reducing the amount of larger leaf blades that slow ball roll. Below is a video of Billy Grisard, Foreman, verticutting the 17th green.

We are expected to perform our second aerification practice on April 30th and May 1st which will carry us through the year until September when our next major aerification date is scheduled. We will do minor aerifications and ventings throughout the summer as stressful conditions present their selves.

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Driving Range Tee Make Over

The Driving Range Tee has had a make over the past several months to improve the overall appearance and curb appeal when you first enter the club. A few changes you will notice is the addition of a two-sided clock, benches, and a water cooler near the entrance point of the range.

Driving Range Tee Station

Also, over the past couple days, we have removed the viburnums along the curb to provide an open view of the range and better access to member’s car and trunks. We will maintain these areas as mulch beds and explore ideas of adding low growing plant material that will add color to the range in the near future.

Driving Tee without the Plant Border


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Drainage Project #17

With the wet, mild winter several springs have popped up around the course where water has been rising through the rock base of the course. Many of these areas are hard to control, but our staff has added a series of drainage pipes to assist in capturing the water in these areas until water levels below ground subside. 

Left of the green on #17 has been an issue staying wet, but after exploring the area we have found a drain pipe that existed, but was covered up from years of dirt accumulated on top. We have re graded the existing piping and added  extensions to capture more runoff water, which has been successful in keeping this area dry.

Drainage Box Covered with 6" of Dirt


Regrading and Adding Extensions


Finishing Touches

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Par 3 Tee Yardage Plates

The new Par 3 Tee Yardage plates are finally here and installed on each tee marker location.  There are 4 yardage plates on each Par 3 for the representing colored tee marker. The new yardage plates are measured to the center of the green and established from the yardage on our scorecards.

In the near future we also will be adding fairway yardage plates for the 200, 150, and 100 yard markers on each hole that will be similar to these tee plates.

Yardage Plates Ready for the Tees

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#10 Gazebo

This year during the staff’s winter painting projects, we decided to give the #10 gazebo a face lift. The gazebo has been pressure washed and stained with a colored water sealer. This will not only improve the look of the gazebo, but preserve the wood and structure for many more years.

Gazebo Before

Gazebo After

Gazebo After

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Cleaning Up Fescue Tree Lines

While the bermuda grass was still in dormancy, an application of Round Up was sprayed along all the edges of fescue tree lines. Over the years bermuda grass has crept its way into the fescue and the fescue has died back due to various reasons. The result has been a spotty, inconstant edge separating the rough and secondary rough. Through this process, the fescue tree lines are being reestablished to be clean and flowing with the mature over hang of the trees outlining each hole. We will continue every year to work for a constant look and a happy medium where each grass species can thrive.

Spraying Fescue Edges

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Spring Flowers

The weather has warmed up quickly and the course is showing signs of spring arriving. Tulips have bloomed and the winter annual flowers are in full bloom. Here are just a few pictures of everything in bloom.

Putting Green Flower Bed

Front Door Beds

Front of Clubhouse

Flag Pole Bed

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