New Greens Mowing Transportation

Recently Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club was able to purchase two new modes of transporting greens mowers through the golf course, Toro Greens Mowers Trailers. Prior to the greens mower trailers, mowers were walked around the golf course. Now, with the help of the trailers, staff members are able to transport the mowers safely and efficiently while mowing greens. These trailers have allowed the staff to carry all equipment used to mow greens at one time i.e. back pack blower to remove debris off the greens before mowing. In the past staff members blew debris off the greens then return to the shop to walk the greens mowers out to mow greens. Now blowers and any other necessary tools can be taken at one time with the greens mowers, eliminating travel time back and forth. 

Greens Mower Trailer

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