Tee Station Setup

The golf course staff has completed establishing a theme throughout the golf course with the new tee stations.  The tees station setup areas have been redesigned, restructured, and repainted.  The staff has established a black and gray color paint scheme and has been utilized throughout the golf course to provide continunity.   The tees stations have been setup in a localized spot for all groups of golfers to use conveniently. Each water cooler has been modified with 4×4 treated lumber legs attached and concreted in the ground to provide stability. Below illustrates how the 4×4 legs are attached and ready for concrete.    

Water Cooler Installation

Also each ball washer has been concreted to provide a uniform look and to ensure straight level ball washers. Below is a picture of the finished product with water coolers and ball washers concreted in the ground and the new tee signs painted with the theme of black and gray to blend.  In the spring Bluegrass will be purchasing new black trash cans and black ball washer towels.      


Also new cart exit posts have been created to provide golfers with a clear marking of where to exit out of the fairway that are also painted in the same paint scheme of black and gray.   

Cart Exit Posts

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