Disaster Avoided

We discovered today, on number #5 green, the green’s trunk line was not functioning correctly, allowing water to exit out of the green. A green’s trunk line is the main blood vessel for moving water out of the green’s cavity, without it a green would backup with water and become an expensive bird bath. The interesting thing we found was the trunk line never actually exited more than 15 feet outside of the green, so if you have ever noticed or wondered why there was a constant wet area in front of #5 green, now you know. Green’s trunk lines are typically 100 feet long, and more, depending on surroundings to dump water without causing a problem. With all this said, the most shocking thing we found was the type of pipe used for the trunk line. Today we use corrugated double wall pipe, but this was concrete pieces with no connections laid in a line for water to pass through.

16" Sections of Concrete Pipe

In the background of the above photograph you can see the black corrugated pipe we used to connect at the green and carry more than 100 feet away from the green’s complex. Unfortunately there was a lot of mud and mess, we will allow this area to dry over the weekend before eventually cleaning and re sodding the area.

Green's Trunk Line of Concrete Pipe Stopping 15 Feet Outside of Green

#5 Trunk Line Area Repaired and Ready for Sod

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