New Sod

Wednesday we completed laying the new sod at 15 green, 5 tee, 5 fairway and 4 bunkers. 90% of the sod was used to replace the bermuda on 15 green’s collar and surrounds. Zorro Zoysia was used on 15 which is more tolerable to shade and provides a good low mowed playing surface. The Zoysia ties in with the existing Zoysia sod that was installed early this year. Bluegrass now has a greens complex that only consists of two grass varieties instead of the multiple grasses on other greens complexes. In approximately 2 weeks the sod should be rooted in and we can begin mowing and topdressing the surface to be playable.

#15 Prepped for Sod

#15 Prepped for Sod

Halfway Done






#15 Green Zoysia Sod Completed

Here is an example of #5 fairway that was also sodded.

#5 Fairway

Cutting Out Damaged Areas

#5 Tee Walk On Sodded

Areas like 5 tee need time to root in, so please avoid walking or driving on the sod and give a good chance to establish.  

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