Fescue Beds

Aerified Fescue Bed


We have completed aerifing and seeding the fescue beds on the golf course, clubhouse, and entrance way this week.  Mother Nature had perfect timing providing a slow steady rain good for germination. Over the next couple years we will continue this program with the help of a new chemical that allows us to remove bermuda grass and other weeds that have been contaminating these fescue areas. Repeat applications of this chemical in the spring and fall will provide a cleaner, healthier stand of fescue.  You will notice this chemical’s progress over the next several days. The chemical blocks the production of chlorophyll (the green pigment in the grass) which has already begun to turn unwanted bermuda and weeds white. The fescue beds are challenging to play from right now due to height (from letting seed germinate before mowing) and aerification holes, so we have been allowing these areas to be played. We should begin to see seed sprout over the next 7-10 days.

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