Master Tree Plan

Planning has begun for the Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club’s Master Tree Plan. The Master Tree plan will provide continuity throughout the property with consistent trees and an established theme of a Parkland Golf Course. With the help of a local landscape architect we have evaluated the property and laid out a plan for the next several years to begin installing a second generation of trees. As our current trees continue to fulfill their life cycle, we, have to reestablish a new generation of trees to take the place of original trees that are beginning to die and have fallen in past storms. It is our goal to establish a grove of trees that are native and hardy to this environment and have the least amount of dependency on care from us.

Master Tree Plan


 Above is the current plan which labels the property in 6 types of trees for the course. Primary Canopy Trees, Specimen Canopy Trees, Secondary Canopy Trees, Wetland Trees, Primary Understory Trees, and Evergreen Trees. Each type of tree is designed to fit a characteristic of the course in it’s location. Primary Trees include large trees that would be normally grouped together lining each hole. Specimen Trees are individual trees selected for an aesthetic  characteristic to stand-alone. Secondary Trees include smaller growing trees with more aesthetic value placed inside the primary groups of trees. Wetland Trees are species that thrive in wetter soils. Primary Understory Trees are typically low growing, showy trees to fill in small gaps of the tree lines. Evergreen Tree are trees which never lose their leaves and stay green all year long.

This plan incorporates all these trees together to produce a consistent plan to follow and phase a section out every year to ensure Bluegrass will have the wooded tree lines for years to come.

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