#2 Walk Way – Update

#2 Tee Walk Up Before

 In keeping with the Master Landscape and Master Tree Plan for the course, #2 Tee Walk Up is the first of many phases to be completed to incorporate a more consist landscaping theme on the golf course that is golfer and maintenance friendly. The plan establishes a landscape of 8-12 different plant species to improve the aesthetics of the course and enhance the characteristics of a parkland style golf course. Each year our staff will continue to install a new phase of the plan and create a consistent and eye pleasing landscape.

Beginning Phase of Walk Path Construction

Finished Walk Path

Currently we are completed with the walk path to #2 Tee. With many rain events over the past weeks, construction has been at a halt due to wet conditions, not allowing equipment to work the planting bed area. The new plants for the area have been specified and being ordered through a good local grower. We are expecting the new plant material to be delivered in the next few weeks when the finishing touches will be completed.

Asbuilt of Project

There has been a working asbuilt on site with the project to help understand and have a vision of what the finished product will look like. Please excuse the mess as we improve this area.

UPDATE 1/26/2012

Currently we are waiting for the final pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. The last section of the landscape material will arrive in the spring. Different ornamental grasses and ground covers will finish out this project and be topped off with a layer of mulch.  To date, we have created the new walk path, repaired/added/redesigned the faulty drainage system, added landscape boulders, relocated the tee sign and ball washer, and installed 3 new Redbud trees.

#2 Tee Walk Up

Phase 1 – Completed

The ornamental grasses arrived a few days ago and are now installed.  Phase 1 to the right of the walk path is completed and as we go foward in the near future plans will be revealed for phase 2 and 3 left of the walking path.

#2 Tee - Before

#2 Tee - After


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