Fescue Aerification

This past week we began aerifing all the fescue beds around the course. Earlier that week the course received several inches of rain loosening the ground and providing a soft surface to puncture a hole with the aerifier. These aerification holes provide a safe home for seed to germinate and have the ability to withstand traffic and mowing when tall enough. The goal is to spread the fescue seed this coming week and look for some rain showers to begin the germination process. After a couple of weeks of growing we will also apply a starter fertilizer for growth and rooting for the winter.

Aerified Fescue Bed


In addition to the aerification process, our staff has been applying plant growth regulators for the past two weeks and will continue through the next month or two in the fescue beds. The goal is to reduce the amount of growth when fescue is growing at its peak and limit the areas that can become several inches deep.

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