#11/#14 Tree Canopy Lift

Over the years the tree lines on #11 and #14 have slowly grew and intruded into the fairways. Some points of the fairway were not accessible off the tee box from tree canopies blocking the line of flight. Recently, through rain and cold weather, our tree experts Hutchinson Tree Service finished the operation of raising the tree canopies and removing limbs that intruded over the fairway. Not only will these missing tree limbs provide a better golfing hole, but also allow sunlight into shaded areas of turf that have struggled for years due to lack of sunlight. There are other areas of the golf course that we are looking to proceed with this operation in the near future. 

#11 Tree Line  - Before

#11 Tree Canopy – Before

#11 Tree Canopy  - After

#11 Tree Canopy – After

#14 Tree Canopy - Before

#14 Tree Canopy – Before

#14 Tree Canopy - After

#14 Tree Canopy – After

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