The Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club, Golf Course Maintenance Blog, is designed to provide educational information to our membership regarding the golf course. This site is dedicated to providing up to date information including current/upcoming events, cultural practices, biological aspects, and weather events that may effect or raise any questions involving the golf course.

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  1. Caryn Crenshaw says:


    Can you tell me what type of bush is outside the pro shop windows. It flowers.

    You are doing a great job in curb appeal.


  2. Wade Hickam says:


    Great Job during the Ramble. You and your staff should be really proud of the course condition and set-up. It was top notch..


    Wade Hickam

  3. Caryn Crenshaw says:


    I am trying to find out if it is worth treating healthy pines surrounding others that have been infected with borers (probably the beetle). Thought you would have some experience in this. We don’t want to throw money down the drain.

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